Gearing Up for the Postseason

downloadWell the time we have all been waiting for has arrived. The NFL Postseason is here and I, like many others, cannot wait to see how it shakes out. I hope we Falcon fans can finish the tournament with a better taste in our mouths than the past two years.

Last year’s loss against the Giants in the Wild Card round has left a bitter taste in my mouth to this day. Yeah the Falcons had a great regular season and that’s wonderful, but I am so fed up with our woeful playoff efforts. I do sense something different about this year’s team–the defense is sharper, our offense is better suited for our personnel and Matt Ryan is playing at a much higher level. However I am still beyond nervous as we all wait and see what the end results have in store for the franchise this time around.

One thing I do think is critical to our success this year is the noise level at the GA dome. Look at teams like Seattle and Minnesota. Their crowd noise is unbearable for their opponents; especially the young QB’s who have had to deal with it. In the Divisional round the Falcons will be hosting a young quarterback, whether it is Wilson, RGIII, or Ponder. If the volume at the Georgia dome can become defining the rhythm and communication for any one of these young signal callers will be thrown off and this will help propel the Falcons to a victory. For those of you attending the game remember to RISE UP and BE LOUD!

Another aspect of this team that I find intriguing is the freshness of Michael Turner. I realize we’ve been more of an air-raid offense this year, but now that the Falcons are in the tournament that need to seriously consider implementing a productive rushing attack to soften up defenses, especially if we end up playing Seattle, a team with big, fast, aggressive DB’s. All the reports indicate that Turner has never been this fresh this late in the season, so let’s hope Turner can contribute in a major way.

One final aspect I want to talk about as we approach the postseason is the pressure on Matt Ryan to win a big game. Don’t get me wrong, I think the world of Matt Ryan and frankly I wouldn’t want anyone else behind center for my Falcons. However, with that being said, he is beginning to be tagged as a QB that cannot win the big game. The pressure that puts on him as the face of this franchise is undeniable. I will be looking forward to seeing how he handles this pressure and if he can silent his critics.


Some final notes:

*Looks like OC Dirk Koetter is staying put! this is huge considering Matt Ryan has had a career year under this offense.

*Things are looking up for DE John Abraham and CB Dunta Robinson. All signs indicate they will be set to go on the 13th.

*Just another reminder for those fans who will be in attendance on the 13th: BE LOUD!!!!

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