Turning the Page

mmmtttThe Michael Turner era in Atlanta seems to be coming to an end.

I have mixed feeling s about the reports that the Falcons will part ways with Turner. First off, it is hard for me to discount how productive he has been in the past four seasons. The only reason his numbers dropped off this season was because of the offensive shift from run-oriented to pass-first. Still, Turner was very productive in the postseason and did great in the redzone.

I understand running backs are an expendable piece for many teams, but I tend to hold on hopelessly to the old school style of football. Although a rarity these days, I truly love watching a physical running back gash through defenses. Teams used to build their entire team around the halfback position. And for the past four seasons as I watched the Falcons embrace this old-school style, I grew to love Turner as an asset to the team. Perhaps this is why I could not bring myself to turn the channel each time Adrian Peterson and the Vikings were in action.

I don’t think running backs get fair treatment these days. Out of any position, the running backs have the shortest life span. Look at certain players like Shaun Alexander, Larry Johnson, and Laurence Maroney. The minute they began to underperform, these once valuable players were let go without hesitation.

Regardless of how the Turner situation plays out I will always hold a special place in my heart for the man Atlanta fans refer to as “MARTA” (Atlanta’s public transportation system). I wish him the best of luck in whatever his next step may be.

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