Freeny to Atlanta?

Charges-filed-in-scheme-against-Colts-Freeney-EO17HAHS-x-largeJust imagine a veteran pass-rush specialist joining the birds in an effort to revamp Atlanta’s meager efforts in getting to the opposing QB. Some fans, me included, believe it was this reason alone as to why the Falcons were not playing in the big game in New Orleans earlier this month.

Well, I think there may be a reasonable solution that may just give them that extra edge to make it one step further this upcoming season.

Dwight Freeney will officially become a free agent in less than a month. This presents an ideal opportunity for the Falcons to spend some money to address a need. I don’t know what John Abraham’s situation is, perhaps the team will let him go to free up cap space, but in either situation adding Freeney would give the defense an instant boost.

Signing Freeney would also give Atlanta the opportunity to explore various options with the 30th overall draft pick in April. Perhaps they would be able to pursue an explosive RB or even a TE with this pick.

Although just a theory of mine, I think acquiring a high=profile free agent defensive end would go a long way in propelling the Atlanta Falcons to the next level.

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