Securing the Future

With the Ravens opening up the checkbook for Joe Flacco this past week, it got me thinking: If Flacco’s contract was worth that much, what should Matt Ryan expect?

Ryan is fully expected to receive a new deal sometime this upcoming season, and perhaps that may have something to do with the cap-clearing cuts issued out this past week.

When comparing Joe Flacco to Matt Ryan things can get a little tricky. Take for instance the fact that Matt Ryan has had better statistics year in and year out since they both entered the league in 2008. However, with Flacco being the first of the two to secure a Super Bowl title (and Super Bowl MVP) the general population of football fans are inclined to say Flacco is better than Ryan. That is where I would have to disagree. Ryan, since his first pass in the NFL, has looked a lot more comfortable playing the position. Matt really caught on quick as to how things work in the NFL. Winning rookie of the year in 2008—edging out the counterpart in this debate—Ryan transformed the Falcons seemingly overnight. Sure you could say Ryan has better targets to throw to, but Flacco has one of the league’s most efficient defenses to hang his hat on and a premier running game to go along with that. Often times those factors make your job as a QB a whole lot easier. Matt Ryan has had to put the city of Atlanta on his back and be the leader of not only the team, but the organization as a whole. Flacco has had the luxury of coasting though some bad performances, yet still capturing wins—thanks to some guys such as Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Haloti Nagta…just to name a few. My point is that Matt Ryan is an irreplaceable piece to the puzzle in Atlanta. Serve up the Raven’s defense and running game to any functional QB and I feel like they could get the job done. That is why I’ll take Ryan. From a talent aspect, he has a whole lot more to offer.

With that argument being made, I think it will get interesting as the Matt Ryan contract talks begin to escalate in the near future. Whatever unfolds, however, I know one thing is for certain: Matt Ryan is going to be a Falcon for years to come. And, like a fine bottle of wine, he will only get better with age. The Matt Ryan era is just beginning folks, stay tuned.

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