Come Back Tony!

4f0f25e8-c0b0-436f-a49f-97f11eeccf92-460It seems as if all the lobbying to get Tony Gonzalez to return for one more season may be paying off for the Falcons. I have posted below’s Pat Yasinskas story on the latest Tony Gonzalez retirement news.

“Michael Silver reports the Atlanta Falcons are cautiously optimistic tight end Tony Gonzalez will return for another season. 

I don’t think that part is anything new. I’ve had the feeling the Falcons have been thinking a Gonzalez return is likely since general manager Thomas Dimitroff told me a few days before the Super Bowl that the team was lobbying hard for the veteran to come back for one more season. I could tell just by listening to Dimitroff how serious he was about bringing Gonzalez back. 

What is new in Silver’s report is that Gonzalez wants somewhere around $7 million for the season and to be able to sit out some or all of training camp. I don’t think the money is an issue. The Falcons have some cap room and can make that kind of contract fit. 

Although some coaches might scoff at the idea of letting a player sit out most or all of training camp, Atlanta’s Mike Smith is a little more flexible than most. Training camps aren’t as long as they once were and Gonzalez already knows the offense and has great chemistry with quarterback Matt Ryan

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