Draft Talk

NFL-Draft-LogoWith the Atlanta Falcons still facing glaring needs on the defensive side of the ball, they got some good news on Monday. The team was awarded four compensatory picks, one of which  is a fourth rounders.

These added picks provide the birds with more flexibility in regards to possibly moving up or down the draft board depending on various situations. Now having 11 picks, they can start to assert their efforts in making up for the Julio Jones trade, which was a home run. With these picks I expect the Falcons to go all out on the defensive side of the ball.

Falcons 2013 Draft Selections:

 1st Round (No. 30 overall)

2nd Round (No. 60 overall)

3rd Round (No. 92 overall)

4th Round (No. 30)

4th Round (No. 133 overall) – compensatory

5th Round (No. 30)

6th Round (No. 30)

7th Round (No. 30)

7th Round (No. 243 overall) – compensatory

7th Round (No. 244 overall) – compensatory

7th Round (No. 249 overall) – compensatory


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