Farewell to Brent Grimes

GrimesI want to start by recognizing that Brent Grimes is one of the great corners in this league and when healthy, he could be a top 5 corner. Unfortunately he will no longer be putting his talents on display in a Falcons uniform.

On Friday, Grimes was snatched up by the cornerback-needy Miami Dolphins, who extended their off-season shopping spree.

I think I speak for most Falcons fans when I say I was holding on to every last bit of hope in terms of Grimes re-signing with the Falcons. Unfortunately, his time has, pre-maturely so,  expired in Atlanta. He really only had one true season to prove his worth as an Atlanta Falcon. And in that one year, he played great and put together a leaping highlight reel of plays which included his memorable interception on Drew Brees in which he practically leaped the height of the Georgia Dome to pluck the ball out of thin air.

I was looking forward to seeing the trio of Grimes, Samuel, and Robinson last season, with Robinson finally getting the opportunity to play in his desired nickel position. Instead, Grimes ruptured his Achilles on opening day, shuffling the entire cornerback group.

Moving ahead, the Falcons now have just two starting-caliber corner’s on the roster. Samuel, who is climbing the age ladder, and Robert McClain, who came on strong last year in the nickel. This means that the need for a cornerback is now almost equal to that of a defensive end. The Falcons, I would have to imagine, will comb the remainder of the free agent corners on the market and analyze the possibility of selecting a CB with the 30th overall pick in the draft.

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