Re-considering the Draft?

lineeThe recent shuffles on the offensive line have led me to begin that an offensive lineman may be in play with the Atlanta Falcons 30th overall pick in the draft.

Throughout the entire off-season I have been deadest on the Falcons going defense. But it seems as though that logic may be fading away. I understand that the Falcons have some guys waiting in the wings, but these players – Mike Johnson, Garrett Reynolds, and Lamar Holmes—have been back-ups for a reason. It certainly would make sense for the team to bring in a guy that could compete for a job at the RG or RT spot.

Defense, however, is still a major need. Signing Osi Umeniyora has certainly lessened the need but the cornerback position is still a major concern. If a mid-round offensive lineman falls to the Falcons I can see them pulling the trigger. If not, I believe they will select the best corner available to step in and fill the role as the number two corner in the secondary.

With the draft rapidly approaching, the Falcons are faced with a lot of needs considering they were four yards from the Super Bowl a year ago.

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