Re-shuffling the Offensive Line

9554_10151404074712842_604337040_nWith the release of veteran RT Tyson Clabo earlier this week, the Falcons’ off-season needs have quietly shifted from the defensive line to the offensive front.

I have to imagine it was a tough decision for Thomas Dimitroff and the rest of the Atlanta Falcons front office to let go of Clabo, especially considering the fact that long-time starting center Todd McClure decided to hang it up earlier this off-season. This means that there are two voids along the offensive line. One of these voids will be filled by 2nd year pro Peter Konz, who will take over as center. But the RT position seems to be open for competition.

There are currently three players on the roster who could wind up taking over at the open tackle position. Mike Johnson, Garrett Reynolds, and Lamar Holmes are some possible candidates. I also expect the team to explore some options in this year’s offensive lineman-heavy draft class.As for the right guard position, it appears that Joe Hawley has the spot concreted but like the tackle position, I expect the team to also explore options in the draft.

It’s apparent that the Falcons have some work to do in re-assembling Matt Ryan’s wall of protection. Ryan is due for a hefty contract later this off-season and with that comes some sacrifices. Turner, Robinson and Abraham were among these sacrifices. Now add Clabo to the list.

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