Prepping for the Draft

NFL: CombineWith the draft less than two weeks away, lets recap some common themes we may see the Falcons hone in on throughout the four day spectacle.

  • Look for the team to focus in on adding much needed depth to the cornerback position
  • Defensive end is still an area of need
  • Will the team trade up to secure a top-level pass-rusher?
  • With the entire right side of the 2012 offensive line gone, lets see if the Falcons attempt to secure at least one new starter in the draft.
  • Drafting a tight end is certainly not out of the realm of possibilities, but is the first round  too early?

My gut tells me that things will play out like this: the Falcons will draft a starting-caliber cornerback with the 30th overall pick (Desmond Trufunt or Xhavier Rhodes). In the second round, the team will snag a DE, a group that offers plenty of depth this year. The third round will be a pivital pick, in my opinion. I feel the team will either go with an offensive guard or continue to bolster the secondary. The fourth round, in which the Falcons have two picks, provides some flexibility. I believe the team will look at some TE’s and continue to address the weak pass-rush. The remaining picks will most likely be used on best available player available, a tactic the Falcons use each year with great success.

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