As a die-hard Atlanta Falcons fan, I have dedicated this site to following everything Falcons–from game results, opinions, match-ups, and analysis. I am a part-time writer at the Finger Lakes Times, in the sports department. I am currently a student at SUNY Cortland where I am studying Sport Management and Economics.

My passion for the Atlanta Falcons stems from the “Dirty Bird” days. That’s right, the Jamaal Anderson, Chris Chandler, Jessie Tuggle-led Falcons squad. And unfortunately, aside from the trip to the ’98 Super Bowl, the Falcons really do not have that much to show for–yet. Despite the rocky road they have traveled, having lost our “franchise quarterback” to the prison cell, recent play-off woes, and continued negative publicity by the media,  I remain an optimistic fan and believe the time for them is sooner, rather than later.

Since Matt Ryan showing up in 2008, this franchise has a different feel to it. It seems alive again. I believe it is only a matter of time before the Falcons “rise up” and bring home the Lombardi trophy to the ATL.


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